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ALX1 - Smart water purifier

and digital.

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Alxedo Smart Purifier with a phone showing the Alxedo app with water statistics next to it.
Main Benefits

Reduce the consumption of PET by using our Alxedo Smart Purifier.

Purify your water instantly.

The ALX1 - Smart Water Purifier is directly connected to your tap water and you can track the water consumption via App.

100% Recycable.

With the Alxedo Purifier you will save money by not wasting plastic bottles and you will receive an exchange service for your cartridges.

Installation and Maintenance.

You can schedule your appointment and our installation team will be on time to install your Alxedo Smart Purifier.

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Your All in One App

Track your Alxedo Smart Water Purifier, compare your water quality, find a restaurant offering free Alxedo Water and receive Vouchers.

The Best Water for You

Monitor your water quality in real-time, get all relevant data about your water consumption and let us take care of your free cartridge exchange.

Phone with Alxedo App opened showing purificationv water statistics.
Alxedo App showing the water map.
Phone with Alxedo App showing a restaurant using Alxedo water.
Phone with Alxedo App opened showing a restaurant voucher.

Your Water Map

Compare your personal water quality with other Alxedo users in your surroundings and find all restaurants which offer Alxedo Water.

Your Voucher Function

Get discounts on selected restaurants around your area. These restaurants are using the Alxedo Smart Purifier and you will never miss out a great deal.

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Perfect Choice

Our Features

Your subscription will include the entire Alxedo ecosystem including free delivery of the filtration system, guaranteed water purification to German standards, replacement of cartridges, custom Alxedo mobile application, branded water bottles, full technical assistance and maintenance, the chance to be featured on the Alxedo map, increased online visibility through the Alxedo website, blog and social media channels.​ ​Alxedo also offers analytical support, assistance in monitoring your water quality, supplying you with vital insights into changes and developments in your water supply.

Further, as an Alxedo partner, your business will benefit from increased online visibility by being featured on the Alxedo App.

Designed for Your Lifestyle

Take control of your water with our Wifi-enabled purifier. Designed in Germany and equipped with a variety of sensors to allow you being on top of the quality of your water.

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Alxedo Smart Water Purifier placed in kitchen next to a tap.
Holding a phone in the right hand with the Alxedo App opened, showing Water consumption statistic. An Alxedo Purifier is placed in a kitchen in the Background
Holding a phone in the left hand with the Alxedo App opened, showing Water consumption statistic. An Alxedo Purifier is placed in a kitchen in the Background
Alxedo Carbon- and Reverse Osmosis Cartridge next to each other
Interior and exterior of Alxedo Carbon Cartridge next to each other
Interior and exterior of Alxedo Reverse Osmosis Cartridge next to each other
Alxedo Purifier opened on top to see the cartridges

Engineered for Your Needs

Our cotton and activated carbon (PC-C) cartridge removes all chemicals and heavy metals from your water. The service life amounts to 4 months or 3000 litres. Our reverse osmosis (RO) cartridge purifies the water at a rate of 0.0001 microns to ensure the effective removal of bacteria and viruses. The service life amounts to 7 months or 6000 litres.

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Alxedo for the whole Family

A new standard for your household water consumption. Whether for yourself, your friends, your children, your parents or even your pets, Alxedo provides the entire family with its pure water.

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Hand holding a water glass.
Grandmother filling her glass with water
Dog drinking water.
Business Solution

Is your Business still dependant on bottled Water?

Relying on third-party bottle suppliers can drive down your profit margins, take away your control over water quality, and affect the overall taste and quality of your coffees!​ Alxedo brings to you a smarter and more sustainable solution to this problem. Designed for businesses such as yours, the Alxedo package offers restaurants and cafes an affordable, easy-to-use and highly profitable solution to all your water needs. Choose the Alxedo system for your business with our subscription-based model, and we take care of everything from installation to tech support and maintenance. 

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Our Partners

Why choose Alxedo's Purifier?

As a business, you can save costs by switching to the Alxedo system to serve pure water to your customers. You can also use purified water to serve better quality coffees!​ Offer sustainable, convenient and efficient water purification as a competitive advantage and value proposition. Unlock your financial potentials with Alxedo Water.​ Alxedo offers a win-win situation for businesses as well as customers: Your guests get better water quality for a reasonable price, and your business can increase its profit margins with less operational expenditure and the environment benefits from a huge reduction in carbon dioxide emission and plastic waste.

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Customers About Us

Best purifier in the world!

”The water tastes better than any bottled water I have tried before. Apart from the I really love that I can contribute to the environment with even more convenience than before!”

Architectural Designer


”I was never convinced by purifiers because I thought it will still taste like tap water and might not be 100% safe. With the Alxedo app I would get immediately an alert if my water quality wouldn’t be sufficient. Great innovation!”

Maria Fernanda

Changed my water consumption

“I was so annoyed of using bottle water but none of the water purifier in the market seemed to be 100% safe and convenient to use. But then a friend recommended me Alxedo. I really don’t have to take care of anything, I can always see my water quality and the purifier looks awesome in my kitchen!”


I love the Voucher function in the App

“I find good discounts in restaurants who serve also Alxedo water where I know it´s 100% safe to consume and plastic free. Obviously, it was a must to get one as well!”